Thanks for visiting my website! I’m Brendan Ronan, a Web Developer living in Santa Rosa, CA.

nicole-brendan.-dec-2012jpgI’m an aspiring Web Application Developer. I’ve dabbled a little bit in Ruby on Rails with Scripted and SceneSquid, but there’s still a ton to learn. Currently, I’m focused on learning more forward leaning frameworks like Knockout, Node, Angular, and Meteor.

I used to play bass in punk bands down in my hometown of San Diego. I live with my girlfriend Nicole and our two Great Danes, Minnie and Sookie. I work at an SEO and Web Development company called Zenergy Works. In my free time, I enjoy jamming on the guitar and bass, playing video games, and investing.

I’m still waiting for the moment when free time meshes with creativity and inspiration so I can actually do something with this website. I thought about buying a template just to have, well, something pretty to look at, but i realized I’m not that kinda guy and would rather create something unique. In the meantime, you can check out my Twitter and Github.

Please come back sometime soon. But not too soon!